Next Generation Internet Transatlantic Fellowship Program NGI Enrichers: welcome to benefits!

The NGI Enrichers program supports European NGI researchers and innovators to spend3-6 months in the US or to Canadato work and collaborate with US and Canadian hosts, to promote knowledge-sharing and establishing long-term collaborations on NGI technologies, services, and standards.
The program provides travel funding, living allowance, and visa for visiting fellows from Europe, and supports both fellows and their hosts, with bootcamps, mentors, visibility, community building and more!

Candidates have the flexibility to choose between one or several of the following tracks:

Open Ideas

OPEN IDEAS: The applicant can submit a proposal around the host’s area of interest, products, or services. All ideas must fall under one or several Focus Areas defined in the Next Generation Internet.

Open Ideas

CHALLENGES: The applicant can submit a proposal answering a specific challenge defined by the host.

Open Ideas

PAIRED TEAMS: The applicant can submit their proposal along with an organization who agrees to host the applicant.


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