NGI Enrichers implementation team will regularly update the FAQ section throughout 2022-2025


If you were funded by NGI Explorers, you are eligible.

If you were funded by NGI Enrichers, you are not eligible to submit the second application.

Yes, there are financial support for innovators. We intend to plan over 70 researchers or innovators. We do not have separate target numbers for researchers or innovators.

This is not possible. Please choose either “evaluator” or “applicant”. However, the opposite situation is possible: the previously funded fellows can become evaluators for the future calls if there are open positions.

You are not eligible. You should work and pay taxes in one of the European Union country or in one of the countries associated to Horizon Europe Framework Programme.

As soon as UK and Morocco associates to Horizon Europe, they will be eligible according to the modalities indicated by the European Union.
Check latest information here: https://ec.europa.eu/info/funding-tenders/opportunities/docs/2021-2027/common/guidance/list-3rd-country-participation_horizon-euratom_en.pdf. If in doubt, contact NGI Enrichers team well ahead the deadline for submission of applications.

Applicants from social science and the humanities who believe they contribute to Next Generation Internet related projects in technology fields are encouraged to apply. They are key for sensibly addressing the NGI vision.

The application is individual. Both of you could submit separate applications for the same host, however they will be considered separately and there is no guarantee that both applications will be selected.

This is possible only if your ‘main’ host agrees with this and requests for this change. The ‘main’ host should confirm that this is a joint project between two hosts organisations and that you will be working on the same project as the one for which you submitted the application.

NGI does not automatically exclude, under its scope, any prospective Fellow. However, it is up to interested parties to justify, to evaluators and hosts, that their work focuses, with enough relevance, on NGI topics. More information on the program and how your initiative can fit within it can be found at: https://enrichers.ngi.eu/program/

NGI is a term commonly utilized within the European Commission context. To facilitate comprehension the following are key topics that correspond to the “NGI” terminology:

  1. 5/6G;
  2. IoT;
  3. Artificial Intelligence;
  4. Big Data;
  5. Blockchain;
  6. Cloud and Edge computing;
  7. Cybersecurity;
  8. Quantum computing and algorithms;
  9. Xtended Realities;
  10. Peer to peer technologies;
  11. Virtual Realities;
  12. Decentralized Internet;
  13. Trust;
  14. Data sovereignty
  15. Metaverse
  16. Digital commons
  17. Web 3.0
  18. Greening of ICT
  19. Others

The main domain applications of these technologies include the following:

  1. Environment;
  2. Health;
  3. Energy transition;
  4. Industry 4.0;
  5. E-mobility;
  6. Autonomous V2X;
  7. Immersive environment;
  8. Intuitive user experience;
  9. Lifelong learning;
  10. Inclusiveness;
  11. Digitalization.

Nevertheless, as detailed in QX, it is up to interested parties to justify, to evaluators and hosts, that their work focuses, with enough relevance, on NGI topics.

The stipend is limited to 6 months starting from the travel date, it can not be spread. If for the paired teams track your host institution invited you for more than 6 months, you can apply for a longer visa. Cost reimbursement of NGI Enrichers will be limited to the cost of visa and travel protection insurance for 6 months.

No, you can’t. The letter of commitment must be sign by the host organisation, using the template provided in the call materials.

No, each candidate can only apply to one track. Your submission could be considered as ineligible if you were to candidate to more than one track.

Funding modalities

All payments will be done to the personal account of the fellow.

The financial support covers only travel and subsistence (monthly living allowance). Usually this is not considered as ‘income’, however you may wish to check modalities with your national tax office.

Yes, for the paired teams track – as far as you are in line with NGI Enrichers requirements and reports. Please align with your own institution and comply with your national law. For the other tracks (open ideas and challenges), the potential host organisations signed the MoU with NGI Enrichers stipulating that hosts organisations are not providing any financial support, and they also do not provide housing access to the fellows.

NGI Enrichers provides individual short terms fellowship for 3 to 6 months. Family visa fees or any other family related expenses are not covered, and support is not provided.

Search for hosts / fellows

Bootcamps, training, mentorship

Participation of the US and Canadian hosts in the bootcamps is not planned. However, we see added value from such participation. Please contact the Program implementation team to discuss options.

Travel cost to attend the bootcamps is reimbursed in addition to the transatlantic travel cost. However, the total funding per fellow, including bootcamp travel cost, fellowship travel cost, visa, insurance, monthly allowance cannot exceed 25.800 euro for a 6-month mission and 14.400 euros for a 3-month mission.

This information will be included in the application form. The dates are different for each call.

Community platform

NGI Enrichers will implement a dedicated Community Management Platform (CMP) to foster introductions, collaboration, as well as one-to-many and many-to-many mentoring (including peer-to-peer) sessions.

When it comes to one and one meetings, the CMP will be the core platform to facilitate such meetings (administered meetings through vetted requests).

Also, thanks to the CMP we will build lasting relationships, sustaining the community after the program, and this is the place where we store all the information about the fellow.

Intellectual Property (IP)

The host and the fellow should agree on IP before the fellowship is started. NGI Enrichers program does not intervene in the IP issues.


Yes, if they are selected and if they are not the host organizations. Specialists from host organizations from US and Canada can be evaluators but cannot be paid.
Please formulate your answer in a neutral way and submit your question in writing. We publish all answers, to make them available for all applicants.