Date of the expedition

from 06/11/2023 to 08/03/2024 and from 01/09/2024 to 31/10/2024

Selected Track

Paired Teams

Project title

Lawyerd - Pilot project for automated intellectual property rights protection for Temple University

Host Organization

Temple University



I, Makushinsky Igor Andreevich, was born on May 21, 1997, in the Ukraine, Kharkiv region.
In the period from September 2014 to January 2020, he studied law at Yaroslav the Wise NSW, and on January 31, 2020, received a master’s degree in jurisprudence.

In the period from 09/06/2017 to 01/31/2020, he worked as an IP lawyer in Plarium. 2022 created Lawyerd company in Poland.

Project Summary

Lawyerd is a brand protection platform designed to safeguard businesses from intellectual property infringements and counterfeit activities in the digital space. Our mission is to provide businesses with comprehensive tools and strategies to detect, report, and mitigate brand violations, thereby protecting their brand reputation and consumer trust.

Key Result

Establishing collaboration with SMEs, started the cooperation with Dentons. and preparation of the International Business Bootcamp (IB2) for CES 2025 that will start in September 2024 Prepared the pitch deck and application for Innowwide, introduction to the Mid Atlantic Diamond Ventures (MADV).

Impact of the Fellowship

  • Building solid connections and partnerships in Europe and in the US/Canada
  • Accelerated contacts/engagements with investors, VCs
  • Accelerated contacts/engagements with R&D partners for future collaborations
  • Accelerated business partnerships for developed technologies/solutions
  • Fundraising (proposals to public organisations) – US andEurope
  • Expanding collaboration within the NGI community
  • Career advancement