Santa Clara University

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Santa Clara University is committed to leaving the world a better place. We pursue new technology, encourage creativity, engage with our communities, and share an entrepreneurial mindset. Our goal is to help shape the next generation of leaders and global thinkers.  In the SCU’s Internet of Things Research Lab we develop novel solutions and technologies for wireless connectivity, sensing, edge computing, and cloud computing.

  • Department: Computer Science and Engineering

  • We are a public sector organization and we plan to involve industry partners

  • Looking for: Researcher (humanities and social sciences),Researcher (multidisciplinary),Researcher (scientific/technical/engineering)
  • Track: Challenges,Paired Teams
  • Key application domains: Energy Transition,Health
  • Preferred hosting duration: No preference

  • Maximum number of fellows to be hosted by the organization simultaneously : 1

  • 1 Challenge :

    • Challenge 1, “Send one byte over one mile using one micro-watt”:
      • In this project we are investigating the available technologies to transmit small amount of data with the lowest possible energy consumption. The scholar must be very familiar with wireless testing equipment (including vector analyzers), wireless simulation tools (beyond Matlab), as well as hardware design CAD tools (such as Altium).