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Evaluator activities: paid
Evaluators also act as NGI Transatlantic Ambassadors (activities non-paid)

Essence of the call

NGI Enrichers is Next Generation Internet Transatlantic Fellowship Programme (Sept 2022 – August 2025). More information about NGI Enrichers is provided here.

NGI Enrichers is seeking to engage a multidisciplinary pool of experts to evaluate applications from potential fellows from Europe, human-centric internet researchers and innovators, who – if selected – will be hosted by US and Canadian universities, research centers, or private firms, to jointly develop NGI solutions, services and standards.

Up to 20 evaluators throughout the duration of NGI Enrichers will be selected to assess potential fellows’ applications, to be submitted to different tracks (paired teams, open ideas, challenges).

We are looking for:

European (EU nationals as well as nationals of Horizon Europe associated countries, full list here), Swiss, US, and Canadian specialists – scientific (technical and social sciences) or business experts: university or industry researcher or engineer, staff of other relevant organisations e.g. clusters, accelerators, etc. motivated by NGI challenges.

SCIENTIFIC – TECHNICAL EXPERTS with sound scientific/technical/engineering background and experience working and developing state-of-the-art tools and wide expertise in the NGI Focus Areas (see below), preferably integrated in the NGI related networks in Europe, USA or/and Canada, and capable to evaluate scientific merits of the applications.

  • Technical topics: Preferable to have a PhD degree in NGI related background: computing sciences, engineering, telecommunications.

SCIENTIFIC – SOCIAL SCIENCES EXPERTS (experts from social science and the humanities) who bear competences to evaluate Next Generation Internet related proposals in technology fields are encouraged to submit their application to become an evaluator. Preferable to have a PhD degree in social science and the humanities: sociology, anthropology, environment, politics, design.

BUSINESS EXPERTS with a solid trajectory in entrepreneurship, business development, startup creation. Business angels, investors or relevant clusters, business accelerators and incubators, IEEE, legal experts, mentors… in the corporate world are welcome to apply.

To apply as an evaluator, you must create an F6S profile and fill in this F6S online form (please upload your CV via the form)

The application form shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes!

Call opening: 4 November 2022 (Brussels time)
Call closing: 15 December 2022 23h59 (Brussels time)

NGI focus areas

Next Generation Internet is a concept that involves a broad spectrum of emerging technologies, social sciences, and humanities, that will reshape the Internet over the next 10-15 years, such as:

  • Technologies: IoT, 5/6G, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain, Metaverse, Digital Commons, Web 3.0, Cloud and Edge computing, Cybersecurity, Quantum computing and algorithms, Xtended Realities, Peer to peer technologies, Virtual Realities, Decentralized Internet, Trust, and data sovereignty (can also be related to social sciences)…
  • Application domains: health, environment, energy transition, Industry 4.0, e-mobility, Autonomous V2X, immersive environment, intuitive user experience, lifelong learning, inclusiveness, digitalization,…
  • Any other technological foundations on which future services and platforms will be built on, with a human-centric approach considering social participation, open Internet, respect of the user’s consent, privacy, security issues…

Evaluators’ role

The evaluators will be in charge of providing a neutral yet scientific and/or business review of fellows’ applications, on the following a