Santa Clara University

UIHILab provides resources and information on latest developments in Hydroinformatics (HI) and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and their applications on many science and engineering areas. Recent application areas in our lab includes hydrology, water resources and quality, environmental engineering, disaster preparedness, recovery and response, and healthcare..

  • Department: Hydroinformatics Lab

  • We are a public sector organization and we DO NOT plan to involve industry partners

  • Looking for: Researcher (multidisciplinary),Researcher (scientific/technical/engineering)
  • Track: Challenges,Open Ideas
  • Key application domains: Health
  • Preferred hosting duration: 6 months

  • Maximum number of fellows to be hosted by the organization simultaneously : 2

  • 3 Challenges:

    • Challenge 1:
      • This challenge aims to utilize Electronic Health Records along with medical imaging data to build a supervised neural network to identify abnormalities with placenta and umbilical cord (e.g., Velamentous cord insertion). Required: Experience with Convolutional Neural Networks (NN), Multimodal NNs, PyTorch (or Tensorflow), and Python
    • Challenge 2:
      • This challenge aims to create an intelligent assistant to allow patients and guardians to search for critical pieces of information within patient records (e.g., after visit summaries, labs) for immediate and direct response. Required: Experience with Large Language Models (e.g., GPT-3) and JavaScript.
    • Challenge 3:
      • This challenge aims to develop an affordable and portable pain condition, type, and intensity assessment device based on predictive modeling and portable electroencephalogram (EEG) headsets. Required: Experience with IoT, Biomedical Signal Processing, and Edge Computing.